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Introducing Pan Central Studios

Welcome to Pan Central Studios

So why Pan? Well as you can see there are many musical barrels here. These magnificent Musical instruments are made from oil drums. Most people know them as steel drums. But for those of us who play them they are known simply as PANS. See, for me, it started back in Wichita Kansas as a freshman in college when I discovered the pans, meet Dr Ellie Mannette, the father of the modern steel drum, and embarked on a life long journey of performing, recording and teaching about the pans and world music. My Musical Arts in Education Program is called the Caribbean Drum Circle. Here at Pan Central Studios I not only share about the instruments, music, and history, but the students and I embark on a journey together of drumming and relating through rhythm and the breath of the drum. I do hope that you and your students can join me for a fun and educational experience.

Currently we are offering the following studio services

* Virtual Music Enrichment Group Classes

* Private Music Lessons (instrumental and technology instruction)

* Pre Production (composition, arranging, notation)

* Post Production (mixing & mastering)

* Recording (solo & band)

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