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Island Rock

To the listener, From time to time we hear something that catches our attention, something that sparks that thing inside of us that makes us want to jump up and dance and sing. Only few of us will be blessed enough to have a hand in the creation of such a thing. I am truly blessed.

November 1996 marked this occasion. Joseph Peck and I came together for the first time in a shoddy old cottage just blocks from the beach in Clearwater, FL. Even though neither of us were exactly living an abundant lifestyle, there was one thing we were rich in... music and respect. An equal admiration for each others music and vision, which eventually became one and the same.

The sound of the steelpans and acoustic guitar together, in their rawest, most natural, unchanged form, was a sound like no other sound I had ever heard (and I've heard LOTS of sounds!). This sound was just an embryo. A strong motivation. And from there the journey began.

Through freezing cold nights with no heat (through the winter of 96-97), to the hottest days in the sun playing outside to be one with nature, we knew the music would sing through our worries... and sing it did!

After finding 3 members, 4 months of relentless rehearsals, traveling, talking, playing, video-taping, recording, playing, and then more playing, the sounds of Trouble Creek led us to the studio...

Blue Earth Studio was the place that was made for us. It was perfect. A 4,000 square-foot plantation-style house nestled in the woods, with a creek running through the back yard, it personified the spirit of Trouble Creek like no other place in the world. Not even Trouble Creek itself could speak of such beauty and creative surroundings. I could feel the spirit of Kokopelli around me as I walked through the Shawnee National Forest. Many nights I would walk into the control room to find yet another member of the band (or engineer) crying because one of the songs had touched them so deeply.

What you are listening to is the result, this is the sound of Trouble Creek, taken to the next level. I truly hope you enjoy the sounds, moods, emotions, and statements that we have put onto this round piece of technology, and I know that if you open your mind, your heart will follow.

Climb into the raft which is your body, and let us take you on a journey through the seasons of emotions, down a body of water that flows like life itself, and reflects the very images and words that somehow become us.


Anthony Rocco Guarino (songwriter, producer, director)

1. World of Peace* (4:12)
2. Persistence of Freedom**^ (6:16)
3. Window Pain* (4:46)
4. Turn the Tide* (5:06)
5. Beatnik Fishstick**^ (7:53)
6. Africa** (5:55)
7. Stonewall* (5:43)
8. Secrets* (5:28)
9. Time* (5:46)
10. Appreciation** (10:34)

* Music & Lyrics by Rocco Guarino (Gettapice Music ASCAP)
** Music by Joseph John Peck (Panhead Music ASCAP)
^ Lyrics by Alex Kirt
We Dance, We Jump, We Beat Pan
© 1997-2021 Panhead Music

About Trouble Creek
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