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Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations, Vol 1 full Length Album by Joseph Peck

Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations, Vol 1 full Length Album by Joseph Peck

JOSEPH PECK: Free-Flow Steelpan Meditations, Vol. 1

1 -    Slow Sunrise Flow (click to listen to this track now)
2 -    Rising Through the Mist
3 -    Inner Resonance
4 -    Conscious Gratitude
5 -    Aura of Sunset


The steelpan is a finely hand-crafted and tuned instrument that originates from the island of Trinidad, West Indies.  Pans are made by manipulating the tops of oil drums by hammering into a bowl shape and creating upward bubbles as notes.  The instrument is delicately played with rubber-tipped mallets.  

As a musician and educator I compose, record, perform, and teach music featuring the steelpan instrument.  I was first introduced to the steelpan, also known as steel drum or simply pans, while attending Wichita State University, it was here in Wichita, Kansas where I recorded these sound healing meditations during a return visit. 

May you listen with an open heart and mind as you allow the sounds to permeate slowly, to breathe deeply, and fully while feeling into your own inner resonance, where the dynamic and authentic self known as you resides.   

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,  JJP


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